Trained, Certified and Inspected: Where We Are on Our Fost/Adopt Journey


Our MAPP (foster parenting class) instructor had ADD, so she made sure there were coloring sheets, playdo and pipe cleaners for the other ADD people (like Heather) in the class to use to help them focus. I did not color. 🙂

It’s been a while since we’ve posted about our foster/adopt journey and many of you have been asking where we’ve been and where we are in the process. First, thank you for asking! The level of care and encouragement Heather and I have experienced the past few months has been great! We’re thankful for each of you!

Where we’ve been: As the title of this post says, we’ve had a crazy past month or so. Since early January we’ve done 5 (consecutive) Saturdays, at 7 hours each, of Foster Parent training classes, had our house inspected by the Greenville Fire Inspector (it’s safe!), I completed CPR/First Aid training, got a home phone (that is blown up daily by people trying to sell us stuff! 🙂 )and we’ve filled out and pulled together about as many documents as we did to buy our house two years ago.

Where we are: This week we’re working to finishing putting together the remaining documents needed by our agency and the state to process us for consideration for licensure (as Foster Parents). We’ll turn those final things in later this week and then will, finally, begin the ‘home study’ part of the process. The home study will consist of a few more meetings with workers from our agency and a few more inspections of our house. This is the final step before our file will be sent off to our agency and then the state of NC for review. I’ve been putting together financial reports, automobile information, copies of pet vaccinations… the list goes on and  on… and Heather has been working hard to summarize our family (and day to day lives) in a concise photo/information book that will be sent to social workers across the state for them to help us connect with potential children that our family would be great for.

Where we’re headed: Once the home study is done, our file will be sent off to our agency’s home office and then, once approved, will be sent on to the state licensure office. That office will have 60 days to review (we’re told they like to generally use the whole time allotted them) and license us (or not). At that point, if we are licensed, we begin the wait.

The wait for placement can be as quick as 5 seconds, 3 days, or a year. It really depends on what’s going to be best for the child and our family. We’ve heard stories of families who were licensed and had a placement the same day. We’ve heard others who waited a while or had potential placements that didn’t work out. It’s really just a pray and wait patiently kind of thing.

How you can help: A lot of you have been asking how you can help (i.e. – what can you buy?, etc.). The best answer we have for you, at this time is, we don’t know. Heather and I will be fostering (and hopefully, eventually, adopting) 1-2 children that could be between the ages of 4 and 10 years old. They could be either male or female. They could be younger and love Doc McStuffins (thanks to the smartest 3 year old we know, A.W., for bringing the knowledge of the Doc into our lives) or they may be older and like sports. We, simply, just don’t know.

The two rooms we’ve been working hard to get ready have just furniture, a few books, and some (really cool) Dr. Suess quote wall art we found. Each bed has a stuffed animal and we have a few children’s books we’ve collected over the years (because I like Curious George and Heather likes Mercer Mayer and we figured we’d one day share their awesomeness with someone). We know that we’ll need more to help make the house a home for our children, we just don’t know what those things are and, so, we can’t answer the question of “what do you need?” just yet. Thank you for asking and know that we’ll fill you in soon!

The main thing you can be doing right now is praying. Heather and I appreciate the prayers for us, but we really are thankful for the prayers for our future children. We know that they are out there and that they are experiencing life that, because of how they’re coming to us, is not the best of circumstances. Pray for their journey toward us as much, if not more, than you do our journey toward them.

More to come: We look forward to keeping you posted on this exciting, crazy, chaotic journey of ours. We’re thankful for each of you that have showered us with love and encouragement during this time (a big reason: because we know you’ll be a great support base for our child(ren) one day soon).

Until then: #thejourneycontinues.

Here’s a “sneak peek” at what we’ve done in the rooms so far. We’ve still got to hang things up and add a few more comfort things (toys, etc.), but they certainly look nothing like the office and guest bedroom that were there just a few months ago!



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2 thoughts on “Trained, Certified and Inspected: Where We Are on Our Fost/Adopt Journey

  1. Ohhh- I’m excited & quivering with anticipation for you. It quickly takes me back 36 years ago to our journey of adoption with Amy. It seemed endless at times but I cannot imagine nor would I choo see e any other way. God has a plan & it is perfect. Tears of JOY for you both

    • lawrencepowers says:

      Thank you for the encouragement Nancy! We’re thankful to have friends who’ve been where we are and who share wisdom as we journey forward!

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