Refraining Good Friday at Christmastime

Christmas Eve worship is always a favorite of mine: carol singing, decorations, “lessons” from the scriptural Christmas stories, nativities, children hardly able to sit still for the coming Christmas, and, of course, candles filling the […]


Our Family Is Growing!

Heather and I are excited to share with everyone that, at some point in the next year or so, our family will be growing! The decision to become parents is lot like a journey. There […]


Boat Shoes Don’t Belong in the Woods

Step after step I take, my boat shoes on unfamiliar territory as they cross over rocks, branches, and logs turned into stairs. I’m surrounded by changing leaves, cool air, and deep quiet. It’s morning but […]


The Future of the Church: ?

What is the future of the Church? This is a question of which I face every day as I step into ministry. In serving with young adults, this is a question I believe is answered […]