Out with the full, in with the twin!!

img_2487.jpegThis past month Lawrence and I got rid of a full sized bed that took residence in the guest room upstairs (thanks to my sister and her husband), and put up a twin bed! The closet is mostly cleared out and there is a dresser and book shelf standing ready against the walls. A colorful comforter was bought and an awesome green curtain hung up. As I stepped back and took survey of the room that my husband arranged, it put a smile on my face, and energy into my soul.

It’s mind blowing to think that we are setting up a room that months from now could be inhabited by a child, our child! A child’s who story has already began and will meet with ours one day.

Oh yeah…..so In case you are confused because you didn’t read our last post, (it’s ok, we forgive you..but go back and read it) Lawrence and I are ADOPTING! Yep, it’s true, really really true. To further explain, we are actually in the process of becoming licensed foster parents, our hope is to adopt through the foster care system.

Just before Christmas we got a letter in the mail about our MAPP training classes starting in January and go through the first of February. As part of becoming foster parents we will do about 30 hours of training with our agency, learning what it takes to be a foster parent. We are working with Children’s Home Society of NC and have been moving forward with this process since October. We have completed a 32 page questionnaire that asked everything about ourselves, each other, families, growing up, life, plans for the children, lay out of home, how will you deal with…and much more. We’ve been finger printed (which were approved..yay!) we’ve been working on getting physicals done, CPR training, and completing a check list of other things. Some of that check list includes getting the rooms ready, having a fire inspection done of the house, obtaining a certified copy of our marriage license, putting together a photo book of our house, lives, families, dogs, activities…and just about who we are- so case workers can get an idea if we would be a good placement for a child in their care.

We’ve been working on a process that will forever change our lives and I can’t explain how all at once I feel nervous, excited, terrified, thrilled- and so many other emotions that I am sure every parent feels…all the time.

Side note: We also are setting up our other spare room (formerly the office) much the same as the other – twin bed, dresser, closet etc. We are preparing our home and hearts for the possibility of two children, most likely a sibling group.

Lawrence and I are very thankful for your prayers are we continue in our journey and we have been so blessed by the outpouring of excitement and encouragement you have sent our way. We continue to ask of your prayers for us and especially our future children.

Side note 2: My(our) goal is to continue to blog frequently about our process, since many of you have asked how it’s going. I hope this gives you a way to stay connected to us and our lives through this awesome time. If you have any questions please just ask!

As we learn we hope you will learn with us.

With love,


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2 thoughts on “Out with the full, in with the twin!!

  1. I don’t know Lawrence but I know you. And I believe in you and have always known you to be God-fearing, level-headed, dedicated and grounded. I believe in your choices and know you will be an awesome parent. I applaud Lawrence and your decision and the two of you will be a blessing to the life(lives) of the child or children that God has already chosen for you! God bless you both. Diane Rose

  2. Sheila Beckner says:

    As a former foster parent, I know how exciting this process is to go through. The training is informative but you will have no trouble getting through it easily. Mine was in 4 Saturday sessions. I couldn’t wait to get to the next one. I wanted to get through it so bad. When you have time, think ahead. I was willing to take birth to 6th graders. I worked in a preschool and could easily take them to work with me. I was single, also, so had a back up person who was willing to run to the store for something I would need if I was not prepared for a baby with diapers and such. In thinking ahead, I would stop what I was doing and imagined I had a phone call and a child coming unexpected. What would I do? Think through the process of what you would need and a plan of action.
    With my first child, I received a call at 8 pm asking if I would take him. He showed up 2 hours later. A just turned 1 boy. If you are arranging to get someone already in the system you will know further in advance. I had thought ahead and had a plan in place.which helped because he came with nothing.
    My 2nd was 11 and brought a suitcase.
    Think ahead on your discipline style and how you want to guide the children of various ages. Some foster parents put together a book that shows/tells children what is expected of them. It can inform them of anything such as what do I do if I am hungry. Can I just go to the kitchen any time or should I ask. Can I always have the fruit that is out? Where do I get more toilet paper? Do I knock on doors of rooms and wait to be invited in? You probably have to do the fire evacuation map and map of your home and things like that could go in it. Something that a child who reads could go to for information they may not want to ask.
    OK..I know too much info…

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