Officially Three: Making It Official

They say that adoption is all about waiting for the unpredictable. You sign a ton of documents, mail your life away, and wait so long that it starts to feel like nothing is ever going to happen. You wait and wait, and wait until, one day, you get that phone call.

Ours came last Monday!

When you’re adopting from foster care, you have two options: you can just get a phone call that things are final and you move on, or you can request a court appearance where you go to the courthouse and have an official ceremony.

So, on Wednesday (2 days after the phone call came), we headed to the county courthouse where we’d filed and found ourselves waiting anxiously for the Clerk of Court to arrive and let us into the courtroom.

Our son kept asking if he would have to “take the stand” and talk in front of everyone, (even though we kept assuring him that adoption ceremonies were nothing like courtroom dramas). He’d agreed to wear a bowtie and suspenders for the ceremony (since it was a special day) and kept nervously unsnapping the left suspender as we waited.

After what seemed like forever, the courtroom door opened and we were invited to “pass the bar” and join the Clerk. After introductions, she asked us if we still wanted to adopt our son and then asked him if he still wanted to be adopted by us. We didn’t even have to consider our answer- there was never a chance of anything other than “yes!”

The Clerk then read through the ceremony declaring our son, officially, ours. After everything became official, we headed to the Clerk’s office for a cake they’d provided (his favorite part, I think!)

The whole thing lasted around 45 minutes. In 45 minutes, we went from a family of two to a family of three. The family we’d known for months was now recognized by the government. It only took 45 minutes but, in those beautiful moments in a darkish courtroom, we became a forever family.

The journey continues!


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