Be like Zach…

As I watched this beautiful documentary of the last days of Zach Sobiech, I didn’t want to really get to the end. The video was made before yesterday, before the day Zach passed away (May 20, 2013). Knowing that the video ended in his death almost kept me from watching- why watch if you know that he loses the battle to his disease and passes away?

Yet as I watched I began to experience Zach’s way of living life. Zach lived each and every day to the fullest and sought to make everyone around him happy. By the end of the following video you find Zach surrounded not by death, but by love- the love of friends and family into whose lives he had poured so much life, even as his was fading away.

It’s convicting really. Zach knew he had a short time to live and yet lived out a life in 18 years that is more full than some of us will live in 80. Watch the video to the end and then be challenged:

Be challenged to live your life to the fullest.

Be challenged to bring happiness to those around you.

Be challenged to stand strong, even when some say you shouldn’t.

Be challenged to live your dreams regardless of how much time you have left.

Be challenged to be like Zach.


“I want to be remembered as a kid that went down fighting… and didn’t really lose.” –  Zach Sobiech


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One thought on “Be like Zach…

  1. I watched this earlier today while I was at work and had to stop it about four or five times because I was crying like a baby and needed to wipe my tears. Zach lived an awesome life by loving those he came into contact with. His story and testimony is definitely one that will live on through those inidividuals he came into contact with. He has definitely encouraged and inspired me to live everyday to the fullest and to love to the fullest.

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