Don’t Rush the Ticking

Tick. tock. tick. tock… In most of the rooms in our apartment (and in my office at the church) are “old school” clocks that tick and tock with each passing second. Sometimes I find myself […]


Why I Am Thankful for Baptists

During my time as a student in the Campbell University Divinity School I had the opportunity, in a church history class, to work on a project where I delved into the history of the Baptist […]


Advent, Are You Prepared?

Tomorrow marks the second Sunday in the season of Advent- the time leading up to Christmas where we prepare for the “coming” of Christ and I wonder how well we are actually preparing. Sure, we’ve […]


The Journey

I am convinced that life is a journey. Sometimes the path is straight and definite and sometimes you can’t see around the next corner. There are bright sunny days where you travel leisurely, basking in […]